Oil Golden mother of Pearl

GOLDEN MOTHER OF PEARL, soothing and produces a brilliant bronze shine on the skin.

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GOLDEN MOTHER OR PEARL, produces a brilliant bronze shine on the skin. It appears that the setting sun shines on your skin.
The oil has moisturizing, soothing, protective and purifying properties for the skin. It gives your skin a sun-kissed look.

Contains 91% Pure Monoï de tahiti, Coconut, Gardena
Free of dyes and preservatives.
Hei Poa Oils are Vegan and animal proof free.

Usage tip
Because the oil is kept as pure as possible, it will solidify at a temperature below 22 degrees. So put the bottle in the sun, or under the hot tap. Or take it under the shower. After that the oil is again liquid, deliciously smelling and ready for use.

100 ml