Oil Tiare

HEI POA OIL TIARE, nourishes the skin and hair and makes you feel if you arrived on a tropical island

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HEI POA OIL TIARE, the beauty secret of the beautiful Vahini or Tahitian women. For over 2000 years, this is already used for the daily care of their skin and their beautiful hair. Monoï oil is a benefit for both your skin and hair thanks to the caring and soothing properties. Monoi oil is made from coconut oil enriched with the essence of the Tiara flower. The flower can also be found in the bottle. Hi Poa Tiare smells like you've arrived on a tropical island. For over 40 years, this is Hei Poa's most popular oil.

Contains 96% monoï the Tahiti, coconut, tiare, gardenia.
Hei Poa Oils are Vegan and animal proof free.

Usage tip
Because the oil is kept as pure as possible, it will solidify at a temperature below 22 degrees. So put the bottle in the sun, or under the hot tap. Or take it under the shower. After that the oil is again liquid, deliciously smelling and ready for use.

100 ml